Join The CYC Committee!

Are you ready for an awesome year of Chaldean Youth Camp 2024? We are! This year will be the 10th Anniversary of CYC, and we are looking to build a committee who will help make this the best camp yet! Committee applicants must be at least 18 years old, and the deadline is March 3rd at 11:59PM.


Administration is responsible for communicating with camp volunteers and parents both prior to, during, and after camp. They will communicate via email to send updates & respond to questions/concerns. They will also work closely with the directors to assign each volunteer a role or position at the camp. On the day of camp, the administration is responsible for overseeing volunteers and responding to their questions or concerns throughout the day. Following camp, they will send an email of gratitude to all volunteers and will works with the director(s) on planning a volunteer appreciation fellowship.

Design the schedule and activities for all camps (boys/girls one-days/overnights). Program coordinators (PC) are also responsible for purchasing materials required for all activities, maintaining receipts of purchases, and building materials required for activities prior to the beginning of camp. During the planning of camp, program coordinators will have deadlines for schedule, activity, and written description to update the directors on progress planning. Before camp begins, program coordinators will hold two (2) training sessions for volunteers where they will equip volunteers with the knowledge necessary to effectively executive their role at camp. At camp, PC will set up/tear down activities accordingly as well as guide volunteers to their respective roles.

These people are the spiritual advocates for camp. They are responsible for creating a spiritual theme/goal for the campers and volunteers, praying for the fruitfulness of camp, and running holy hours during camp. They are responsible for writing the talks for campers or appointing guest speakers to give that talk (along with deadlines for outlines reviewed by the ministry coordinator and directors.). The ministry coordinator will also be in charge of reserving priests for CYC adoration and masses. This person will be in charge of planning and executing the procession and holy hour on the overnight camps.

Assures the safety of all campers and volunteers on camp grounds. Ensures camp gates are secured. In charge of night watch. 

Obtain financial sponsors and donors for food for CYC. Manage the sponsorship email; send out the sponsorship flyer to prospective donors and direct funds to Our Lady of the Fields Camp and Retreat Center.

The Camp Nurse is responsible for collecting medications and holding tabs on those who need to receive medicine at a designated time. The Camp Nurse will aid anyone who is injured or ill and will be responsible for making any and all medical decisions on behalf of Chaldean Youth Camp. The Camp Nurse will receive a CYC medical bag with all necessary supplies. 

This committee will design a menu for all camps. When final numbers of campers and volunteers are in, this committee will designate quantities for food and snacks. They will also be responsible for purchasing all required supplies, maintaining receipts, and organizing food donors. At camp, the kitchen committee will have a team of volunteers who will help set up for meal times, cook, distribute food, and clean up.

Handles technological advancements for registration and campground, as well as maintaining

In charge of upholding the social media presence and presentation of Chaldean Youth Camp on our social media platforms. They will be responsible for coming up with posts and other creative forms of online advertisement to recruit campers, which may include using past pictures, making videos, and posting the flyer for the year. They will reply to direct messages (DMs) and reach out to other Instagram accounts to reach broader audiences (examples: @ChaldeanDioecese, @ECRC, youth groups, etc.). They will also be posting Instagram story updates throughout camp for parents to be able to see what their campers are doing.

This person will be in charge of taking photos all throughout CYC, as well as uploading and sending out those photos.